Frédéric William known professionally by his stage name: DJ B-Kut.
B-Kut, a French DJ born in Strasbourg with origins from the groovy West Indies, quickly gained attention in all nightclubs, festivals and entertainment events across China. Delivering all types of genres from classical Hip-hop to the newest electro bangers has B-Kut in high demand from underground to even the most prestigious venues in all majour cities. B-Kut is well known for his music selection, crowd interactions, and the depth of his musical knowledge. His love, inspiration and unique taste for music together with his determination to spread that passion rapidly secured his crowds’ trust and favour in all aspects.

In 2010 till present, B-Kut along with his crew, formed The Council, a management team responsible for the number one Hip Hop parties in town: Hip Hop Hijack, was also voted “Best Event Party Organizer” of 2013 in Shanghai.

In 2012 till present, B-Kut got signed as resident DJ of a Chinese television show: The 80’s Talkshow with the popular Chinese host; Wang Zijian. B-Kut was quickly adored by the fans which gave him the nickname: XiaoHei (小黑), his appearance caused immediate success for the show along with gaining excellent ratings.

Through his humble attitude, hard work and relentless pursue for his dedication to music, B-Kut has been recognized by majour brands such as Mercedes, Volkswagen, Beat By Dre, Swarovski, Nike Jordan Brand and more… to represent their brands locally in China.


Played at

  • Arkham Shanghai, China
  • ASL Shanghai, China
  • Bar Rouge Shanghai, China
  • Caza Shanghai, China
  • Cirque Le Soir Shanghai, China
  • G+ Shanghai, China
  • G+ Hangzhou, China
  • SOS Hangzhou, China
  • Banana Club Hangzhou, China
  • Le Baron Shanghai, China
  • M1nt Shanghai, China
  • Monkey Champagne Shanghai, China
  • Ninja Shanghai, China
  • Revolucion Shanghai, China
  • Sin Club Shanghai, China
  • Zeal Shanghai, China
  • Loop Chengdu, China
  • Jellyfish Chengdu, China
  • Room 79 Beijing, China
  • Play Hong-Kong, China
  • Cubic Club Macau, China
  • Pacha Macau, China
  • Chess Taipei, Taiwan, China
  • Pontoon Phnom penh, Cambodia
  • Beauty & Essex New-York, USA
  • Proton Stuttgart, Germany
  • Kiss Club Kehl, Germany
  • Electric Circus Shanghai, China
  • Etc...








Finished number 18th at the Sino Dj top 100 2017, listing all the Djs in China.




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